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I have confidence, I don't force things, I live my daily life with flexibility and lightness.
I feel secure about my future.

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Solarization No. 32

Set me free
  • Stress due to pressure from those around me.
  • Excessive stress on my body related to work, sport...
  • Doubt about my own worth.
  • Feelings of insecurity and weakness.
  • The need to maintain peace or friendship with others at all costs.
Allow me
  • To determine my path from my desires.
  • Not to hide behind a performance.


Bottle of 30 ml in drops to be taken on the tongue according to the prescription of your therapist or the dosage indicated on the bottle.
There are approximately 500 drops in a bottle.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Made in France.

Ingredients: Water, flavoring substance (0.014%), Flowers of Chamaemelum nobile, Allium sativum and Crataegus.

Usage tips

9 drops morning, noon and evening.

Solarisation n°32,guérison émotionnelle,libération,pression sociale,sollicitation excessive,doute,insécurité,paix intérieure,autonomie,confiance en soi,désirs,performance

L'Oiseau Vert

Authentic solarisations made in France.
100% natural products
Without alcohol or side effects

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