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Creator of Solarizations (original informed products) as well as Infotherapy (Informational therapy).

Vibration Analysis

Sensitive crystallization is a means of vibratory analysis which makes it possible to define with precision whether a living organism (animal or plant) is in full vitality and harmoniously structured according to the laws of nature.

Substantial crystallization of the “base support”

The crystallizations obtained with the "base support" are specific to the processes of heat or light (waves).

This is expressed in the ample and round shape of the central vacuoles.

The heterogeneous, irregular texture and the weakening of the intensity of the crystallization currents could indicate a low concentration of substance or additives in this solution.

This aspect of the texture could also mean that the base support remains "open", because it does not lock into a specific shape of texture.

Sensitive Crystallization of the Natyl Solarization Sample

The sample consists of the base support with a low concentration of flavoring substance.

Compared to the base support, the sensitive crystallizations of the sample reveal a stronger intensity of the crystallization currents, a more homogeneous and more regular texture, vacuoles which are still ample but tighter and a clear delimitation between the median field and the peripheral zone.

Despite its low concentration, the flavoring substance considerably modifies the crystallization of the base support, this suggests a particularly dynamic effect on the part of the additive.

All the structural and textural elements of the crystallizations of the sample seem to indicate that the Solarization process implemented by L'OISEAU VERT allows the base support to capture and sustainably preserve the dynamic effect of the flavoring substance.

The process used also seems to favor a good aptitude of the final product for preservation, which is expressed by the higher intensity of the crystallization currents and a more obvious tripartite structure of the images (clear delimitation between the median field and the peripheral zone).

  • Independent study carried out by Mr. Christian Marcel –
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