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Welcome to the L'Oiseau Vert website!
Creator of Solarizations (original informed products) as well as Infotherapy (Informational therapy).
L'Oiseau Vert will be exceptionally closed on Friday April 19.
Orders will be processed and shipped upon our return Monday April 22.

Who are we ?

Our society

L'OISEAU VERT is a human-sized company in the Toulouse region specializing in the development of "Solarisations" of wild flowers from preserved environments on Reunion Island, Auvergne, the Montagne Noire, the Pyrenees, etc.…

Since 2004, l'Oiseau Vert has developed its expertise in the field of Infotherapy (informational therapy). A company on a human scale in the Toulouse region, it creates and develops its products from the solarization of wild flowers from preserved environments on the island of Reunion, the Pyrenees, the Montagne Noire, South America, etc.

Created by Roger de Nadaï, researcher and bioenergetician, Green Bird Solarizations are unique and effective in resolving physical, emotional and energetic disorders. Their speed of action on cellular memories allows you to release emotional knots and feel in harmony with yourself.

Our team

Roger de Nadai

Creator of The Green Bird
Researcher, Bio-energetician




Naturopath, Energetician

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