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Gives a feeling of lightness

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Solarization No. 76


EAUMERE makes water biocompatible, ie assimilable by our cells so that they can better hydrate themselves. This better hydration allows the tissues to firm up and helps in the elimination of metabolic waste. Blood circulation is improved and healing becomes faster.
L'EAUMERE, in daily or occasional use, will give you a feeling of lightness.

Additional information

Weight 100 g


Bottle of 30 ml in drops to be taken on the tongue according to the prescription of your therapist or the dosage indicated on the bottle.
There are approximately 500 drops in a bottle.

Store in a cool, dry place.
Made in France.

Product WITHOUT ALCOHOL or preservative.
Composition: “Double salt” from calcined plants Solarized with sea water before leaching (0.03%), Magnetization and oscillatory dynamization.
Plants: Alchemilla.Alchemilla vulgaris L Rosaceae (Aerial part. In the state), Marjoram. Origanum Majorana L Lamiaceae ( Flowering top leaf ), Stinging nettle. Urtica dioica L Urticaceae (Aerial part. As is).

Usage tips

It can be used in the following way:
5 drops in a liter of water make the latter perfectly assimilable: it reharmonizes the body; it also stimulates the vitality of plants.

If you consume 1.5 liters and a half of water per day, a bottle of Eaumère will last two months for the consumption of one person.

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