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Creators of Solarizations (original informed products) as well as Infotherapy (Informational therapy).

Internships, conferences and training

L'Oiseau Vert organizes and leads a training concept with Roger DE NADAI, creator, advisor and trainer in Solarisations.

This training allows to apprehend the man in his physical, emotional and spiritual wholeness. We will open ourselves to the world of subtle energies. With Infotherapy you will be able to re-inform the body on a subtle level.

It is essential that those whose mission is to help through therapy can rely on a solid, credible structure within which they can open up to new knowledge in order to pass it on to the patients who will have resort to them.

The real therapy goes through awareness in the patient, it is obvious that the more we will deal with evolved subjects due to a generalized elevation of consciousness, the more it will be necessary to provide an explanation both for the energy imbalance observed and of the intervention performed.

We will discuss cosmic laws and make the link with Solarizations and their ability to act on our memories.

The Green Bird

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