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Creator of Solarizations (original informed products) as well as Infotherapy (Informational therapy).

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“Alcohol-free floral elixirs”

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Authentic solarizations
100% natural and alcohol-free products
French made

Emotional balance and well-being



Solarizations (alcohol-free elixirs) can help the soul connect to spirit, that is to say, to light. Through Solarizations, the intelligences of nature accompany us with great love on the path of evolution.

They can be given to people of all ages as well as pregnant women. They are without risk of side effects and without addiction. They should never replace medical treatment.



“Rediscover natural harmony with our alcohol-free floral elixirs, for pure and authentic well-being”

What are Solarizations?

A Solarization (alcohol-free elixirs) is an aqueous preparation into which the vibration rate of one or more flowers has been transferred simultaneously, in order to respond synergistically to a specific problem. Solarizations differ fundamentally from elixirs due to their method of preparation.

Discover our Solarizations (alcohol-free elixirs)


Authentic solarisations made in France.
100 % natural products.
Without alcohol or side effects.

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