Authentic solarisations made in France.

Authentic solarisations

100% natural products
and without alcohol

French made

Emotional balance and well-being

Solarisations can help the soul to connect with the spirit, that is to say with the light. Through the Solarizations, the intelligences of nature accompany us with much love on the path of evolution.

They can be given to people of all ages as well as pregnant women. They are without risk of side effects and without addiction. They should never replace medical treatment.

l oiseau vert solarisation prise buccale pipette guerison

Discover our Solarisations

oiseau vert ti zelia

Ti Zelia

It is a range of Mono floral Solarisations mainly from flowers from Reunion Island. Each has a close link with our energy centers and related glands.

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These are mono or multi foral Solarisations. They have been performed in various parts of the world and have an action adapted to various situations.

oiseau vert solarisations complexes


These Solarisations are mostly derived from the assembly of other Solarizations in order to obtain a broader spectrum of action.

oiseau vert solarisations animaux


The Solarisations of this range will help your pets find peace. These products are suitable for all animals (mammals, birds, NAC...)

When an event from the past is the cause of a present malaise, it is because a part of us has remained frozen in this moment.

What are Solarisations?

A Solarisation is an aqueous preparation in which the vibratory rate of one or more flowers has been transferred simultaneously, in order to respond synergistically to a specific problem. Solarizations differ fundamentally from elixirs by their method of elaboration.


The treatment by Solarisations constitutes one of the paths of tomorrow in terms of vibrational medicine and is therefore similar to the medicine of the soul.

Vibration analysis

Sensitive crystallization is a means of vibratory analysis which makes it possible to define with precision whether a living organism (animal or vegetable) is in full vitality and harmoniously structured according to the laws of nature.

Discover our Solarisations

Authentic solarisations made in France.
100 % natural products.
Without alcohol or side effects.

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L'Oiseau Vert

Authentic solarisations made in France.
100% natural products
Without alcohol or side effects

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